PR ?
What is PR ?
The Precision Rifle is originally from the United States.
In this sport, the objective is to impact gongs at different distances in many complex positions and in a given period of time.
This discipline requires multiple skills, whether at the intellectual level for ballistics or sports for the control of breathing.
To succeed, this sport requires the shooter a highly developed experience and knowledge of his equipment, while knowing how to remain very calm in critical moments. The shooter must therefore have perfect self-control.
The acquisition of all these skills is a considerable gain for the shooter who will be able to take advantage of them in his daily life.
What does it take to practice PR?
Sport shooting being a weapon-handling sport, it is necessary to integrate all the associated regulations.
Weapons have been classified into 4 categories:
Black powder weapons
Pellet rifles of less than 20 joules
Accessible without any authorization for +18 years old.
Bolt-action weapons up to calibre 338
Lapua Magnum
Sub-guard lever weapon
Hunting rifle
Shooting licence or hunting licence
Be over 18 years old*
Declaration of the weapon to the SIA
*Possible exceptions for young people aged 16 to 18 if they are part of an approved association and participate in international competitions.
Handguns (revolvers and pistols)
Tear gas canisters
Long weapons in 50BMG caliber
Semi-automatic weapons
Favourable aptitude test (from 6 months of seniority in a shooting range)
A request for detention with the prefect
Be over 18 years old
These weapons are only allowed to be used inside a shooting range.
Automatic weapons
Weapons of war (shells, cannon...)
Gas masks
Prohibited from detention in France with the exception of the army.
PR matches with FRPRA
The first thing to remember into PR are the safety rules.
They are applied by all shooters without exception. Failure to comply with a safety instruction is subject to warnings, scoring zero to the activity, or even exclusion from the match.
The rules are simple and effective such as closing the breech only when the target is in sight or prohibiting to exceed a 30° sweep on the sides when changing position.
The PR is done safely.
The course of the matches
The matches are divided into numerous workshops called "stages", each containing a maximum number of points to be obtained.
Matchbook example of the FRPRA.
The course of these courses, the positions to acquire, the targets and the time given for each course are indicated in a "matchbook" given only to shooters 1 day before the competition so that they can prepare as well as possible.
Competitors are divided into several categories :
Open (modified rifles)
Factory (original rifles)
After the end of the shots, the prizes are awarded, the first 3 of each category receive a prize as well as the first 3 in the general classification. It is always a moment very rich in emotions and laughter.
Many shooters spend a lot of time on the road to participate in these matches often made on beautiful spots in the 4 corners of the France.

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